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We're passionate about food—about where it comes from—about how it's prepared and presented—about how it's grown. We also get enormous satisfaction from eating it!

That love of food, its importance to our health and our commitment to supporting locally produced products underlies everything we do at The Well Traveled Fork.

Let us share with you our fondness for food and our insider's knowledge and secrets of the Central Oregon Culinary scene through our Group Culinary Tours, Cooking Classes, Catering and Personal Chef Services.

Bite of Bend 2014

 The Well Traveled Fork - Filmed 2011

Group Culinary Tours:

Join us as we showcase our best-kept secrets on customized culinary adventures to some of Central Oregon's most unique places. You'll get the inside scoop on the area's growing culinary delights plus a chance to taste some treats and imbibe some local spirits along the way.

We have designed specific excursions to the sites that make up Central Oregon's brand of cosmopolitan feel with a little of our cowboy culture to boot. Nestled against the eastern flank of the Cascade Mountain Range, and the beautiful Deschutes River flowing through it, join us in this recreation and travel destination!

You will come away from your experience with The Well Traveled Fork having gathered some unexpected gem...it could be a secret gleaned from local farmers and businesses or a taste of something creative and new... let The Well Traveled Fork share the bounty of Central Oregon with your friends and family.

Cooking Classes:

Chef Bette offers regular group & private cooking classes in her gourmet kitchen overlooking the majestic Cascade Mountain range. From Wood Fired Cuisine in her pizza oven to classic Bistro fare, Chef Bette offers her students the tips, techniques and secrets that have made her such a popular teacher.

Utilizing seasonal ingredients, students learn to create inventive meals and then sit down and enjoy their delectable creations. Find out what scrumptious meals we'll prepare that will tempt your taste buds. Schedule of classes is on our web site.


Using only the finest and freshest local ingredients, Chef Bette will prepare gourmet feasts for the many occasions that you celebrate with food. You can be assured that your meal with be prepared with attention to taste, style and presentation. Chef Bette and her professional staff will attend to every detail and make your event delicious and memorable. The gourmet catering provided by Chef Bette will tantalize you and your guests with a captivating catering experience you won't soon forget.

Personal Chef:

The Well Traveled Fork offers Personal Chef Services to residents and visitors of Central Oregon to bring farm fresh food into your homes on a weekly basis. In this busy world, we try hard to eat healthy, fresh food and sometimes we need some help to make it happen. Let us help you maintain your healthy life style!

Join Us Today!

You will always come away from a session with The Well Traveled Fork with some unexpected gem. It could be a special recipe highlighting a unique Central Oregon ingredient, like Black Butte Porter, that Chef Bette uses in her chocolate cupcakes. Or, it could be a secret gleaned from her partnerships with local farmers and businesses that will change how you think about food.

So don't wait. Sign up today for a culinary adventure unlike anything you've ever experienced!