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The 2016 schedule for Culinary Kid's Camps is now available.  
These popular summer camps are already filling up and have limited space.

Camp for Kids


We're passionate about food—about where it comes from—about how it's prepared and presented—about how it's grown. We also get enormous satisfaction from eating it!

That love of food, its importance to our health and our commitment to supporting locally produced products underlies everything we do at The Well Traveled Fork.

Let us share with you our fondness for food and our insider's knowledge and secrets of the Central Oregon Culinary scene through our Group Culinary Tours, Cooking Classes, Catering and Personal Chef Services.

Next Stop Central Oregon - Agri-Culinary Tourism Show 12/2015

 The Well Traveled Fork - Filmed 2011

My Journey, Our Mission:

I never planned this path, I never saw it coming. I was a caterer in Redondo Beach, CA. I agreed to teach an after school cooking class to elementary school children. The kids thought that lettuce came in a bag, chickens had nuggets and pasta came in a box. No kidding. 

At that same time, we made our fateful ski trip to Central Oregon and decided to relocate to Bend. I knew I had an opportunity to teach people about where their food came from, how it was grown and how to prepare it.

That was the genesis of The Well Traveled Fork. Children and Food. It was really as simple as that. The disconnect people of all ages have between the source of their food is stunning. Our goal is to change that, one person at a time. 

I started with a Farm & Ranch tour. Now, six years later we still are taking guests to the farms and ranches of Central Oregon and teaching them about the sources of food. And teaching guests how to prepare food in nutritious and delicious ways in our cooking classes. 

But we are most proud of the fact that we now run Culinary Camps for Kids during the summer and can now offer Culinary Birthday Parties for Kids too. One child at a time. Once we have taught them about good food, we know that we have them for life. 

After all, we eat for a lifetime.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect people to the source of their food, to enlighten them to the importance of taking time to learn about food and how to prepare it. Our purpose is to increase food knowledge of all ages, thereby improving lifelong eating habits. We want Central Oregon to be known as a culinary destination, teaching people what we know about our special place.