Idaho – Southern

Southern Idaho looks very similar to Eastern Oregon.  Flat as far as the eye can see.  Add rain to the mix and it was all rather dreary.  However, we knew that leaving when we did (October); we would run into the end of autumn.  We headed towards the Twin Falls area, as research suggested that Idaho had a wine industry.

Sure enough, we found wineries.  Most were closed for tastings (due to the season), but we were able to stop at two.  The wines were tasty enough that we bought some, as well as some local squash.  I was hoping to check out the local distillery, as they make fruit brandies (eau de vie), but it too was closed.

This area of Idaho is dominated by the Snake River.  Shoshone Falls was running lightly, but the viewpoint was SO HIGH above the river (and a straight drop-off) that I snapped some pictures and then scrambled back up the stairs to safety.  It is near this viewpoint that Evil Knievel made his unsuccessful attempt to ride his bike across the Snake.  Whatever made him think this was possible?  The river is very wide…..and it is a long way down.

We had lunch at Elevation, a pub overlooking the river.  It was here that I enjoyed perhaps one of the best burgers EVER.  The sirloin burger was topped with smoked Gouda, sautéed onions, a slice of apple and a slice of potato (natch).  The combination worked on so many levels and the fries were accompanied with fry sauce.  (Not familiar with fry sauce?  Fortunately, our friend Troy introduced us to fry sauce, which is a mixture of catsup and mayonnaise.)  Fry sauce seems to be served with gusto in this area.  Add a few brews, and we were happy campers.

When we are out traveling or seeing sites, we either leave the dogs in Jackson or bring them with us.  If it is comfortable outside, they stay in the car and do what they do best….nap.  Grey is on his own in Jackson, watching TV.  He enjoys Star Trek and Bonanza.

If you ever visit this area, you must stop and see The City of Rocks, a National Reserve.  It is here that emigrants to CA passed, often carving their names into the rocks.  This area provided water, grazing area and game for the weary travelers.  However, the geology of the area is really what rocks!  Here the earth spit out great amounts of rocks and water eroded the landscape to create something surreal.  Once there, you can easily see why the emigrants called this area The City of Rocks.

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