Musings: Things to be Thankful for….

  1. Be thankful that you live in a town with fresh produce.  Some of these small towns get the dregs of produce and it is grim.
  2. Those of us who live on the West Coast can enjoy and watch sports during prime time.  Even the one hour change to Mountain Time is BS.
  3. Appreciate you internet connection.  When you aren’t within four walls, WiFi is VERY different.  It is a practice of persistence and patience.
  4. State issued visitor guides are extremely helpful and generally excellent.  Kudos to my pals at Central Oregon Visitor Association.  You knock it out of the park annually!
  5. America is very beautiful.  And it is filled with really nice people.

Some other thoughts:

  • Never run low on vodka or scotch.  Sometimes, finding a liquor store is hard.
  • Speed limits in Idaho & Utah range from 75-80 mph.  No reason to go slow, when you can drive really fast.
  • It appears that Utah only has a set number of street names from which to chose.  These include Main Street, 100 South, 100 North, 100 East and 100 West.  They have been used in virtually every town and city that we have visited.


3 thoughts on “Musings: Things to be Thankful for….”

  1. Welcome to rural America,… you sheltered Californian/Oregonian.
    Remember you’re now in Trump Country. Life will be different.
    Glad you’re getting ‘exposed’. Might make your decision to return to Oregon & your friends an easier one.

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