Meet Jackson

This is Jackson, our Beaver Monterey Motor Coach.  Named Jackson, for Jackson Browne’s song “Runnin’ on Empty”, also one of my favorite songs.  We plan on visiting the lower 48 states with our two dogs & parrot.


So a bit about us.  Jeff is retired from the insurance industry and currently enjoys mountain biking, golf, fishing, hiking and snowshoeing.  I just retired from my culinary business in Bend.  So far, retirement ROCKS.


This is Sienna, our 11 year old yellow lab.  She is the sweetest dog we have ever had.  She doesn’t fetch or retrieve, as this is beneath her.  Her nickname is Growler, as she has a mean ass growl.


This is Keisha, our first Oregonian dog.  She was a rescue, but (as with most rescues) we aren’t sure who rescued whom.  She LOVES her ball and plays in any body of water.


Greystoke is our 31 yr old African Grey parrot.  He says good and bad words, sings and make just about any noise he wants.  He loves traveling in the RV.

We don’t have a plan on traveling.  We do, however, want to visit National Parks and places on our bucket list.  I will post when I have something to say or show.  The pictures have been taken with my Iphone or Nikon DX.


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