Yep, Texas is big.  And flat.  At least where we have been.  We came into Texas just south of Carlsbad Caverns and headed to San Antonio.  Drivers here are interesting.  When confronted with a back-up on the interstate, they cross a grass median to a near-by access road.  Access road backed-up?  Why,  just head back over the grass median.  I wonder how they would react when confronted by LA traffic.

San Antonio is the 2nd largest city in Texas, behind Houston.  It is sprawling with a confusing freeway system.  But, it is home to The Alamo and this was on our list.

Downtown is built around The Alamo & the San Antonio River.  The Alamo was built by Catholic missionaries and was never intended to be a fortress.  In fact, the mission building had no roof until it became a historical monument.  Adobe walls had gaping holes and was generally poorly constructed.  After all, it was only a mission.  However, this is where the stand was made against a vastly superior Mexican army commanded by the ruthless Santa Anna.  

A beautiful statute outside of the Alamo commemorates the actions and names of the defenders.   Various tours were offered and we enjoyed a guided tour along the perimeter.

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Lunch on the River Walk was at Luke, a John Besh restaurant serving French-New Orleans style food.  One of the best chefs around, we were anxious to try it.  And we weren’t disappointed.  I can’t wait to return to Restaurant August in New Orleans.

Another cool place was the Pearl District.  Build around a turn of the century brewery, it now houses boutique restaurants and shops.  We bought some fabulous macarons  at the French bakery (delicious but not as perfect as the ones in Paris, however I have undying respect for chefs that can make them).  We enjoyed lunch at Southerleigh Brewery.  Really, the best beer to date “don’t fear the dank side”, a crisp, hoppy IPA.  And they knocked it out of the park with the bacon jam topped deviled eggs.  Another restaurant, Cured, specialized in cured meats.  We were gleeful.

And did I mention the weather was perfect?  Like 75 perfect.

This was where we spent New Year’s Eve and I believe every male in the state, over the age of 15 was shooting off fireworks.  It was a long, scary night for Sienna.  Keisha could have cared less.

We intended to head up to Austin, but couldn’t get reservations.  So we are headed to Houston.

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  1. Ah the great state of Texas. Where the men are men and the freeways are confusing. I just can’t figure out that whole frontage road thing. But I do love Texas. We went to the Alamo in August. by 9 am the line to get in was wrapped around the building and it was about 96 degrees. But totally worth it. I think you have found all the best places to eat so far in every place you’ve been. Very cute pic of you + jeff in front of the Alamo. Yee haw!

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