Utah – Bryce & Zion

All of these National Parks in Utah are similar but so different.  We drove along Scenic Byway 12, supposedly the second most beautiful drive in America.  (No one could quite tell us where the most beautiful drive is, but I have my own opinion).  Byway 12 leads to Bryce National Park.  Again, pictures really don’t do it justice.

Since National Parks don’t care for dogs, we headed further east along Byway 12 to Kodachrome Basin State Park.  This area, named for the towering sandstone chimneys and spires, looks like Bryce in the making.  It probably needs another 10 to 20 million years.  This state park was named by the National Geographic Society in 1949 with the consent of Kodak Film Corp.

Next up was Zion National Park!  I can’t believe that in 1930 they constructed the road on which we were traveling.  It was literally cut out of the mountain side, including a one mile tunnel.  How hard did man & beast work to make create this road?  It was a beautiful ride, but the drop-offs were serious cliffs.  This was no road for Jackson!  Or the dogs.  Of course, they aren’t welcome in National Parks, but they would have been car sick.

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And please have patience with me…..I am just learning how to post pictures to the blog.

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